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GO Office Sarajevo

GO Office Sarajevo is a business center established with the aim to offer consulting, administrative, accounting and financial services to clients and to thereby facilitate faster business development. It is our wish to create the service at the request of the client. We want to be a support at any times to our clients and colleagues, associates, fellow citizens who spend valuable time on administrative and bureaucratic tasks, leaving little time to focus on strategic business, improvement of existing ideas and generating new ones.


Predesigned service packages

Legal Research and Writing

START UP - Registration & Establishment

Grow Your Business

Want to start a business but do have no idea where to start? Which business model to choose? Procedures are complicated and confusing?
Our team of experts will guide You through the process of registering your business from initial consultation to finalizing the registration process and starting your business!

GO UP - Accounting&Financial reporting

Cloud ON

How many times have you thought accounting was boring and tiring? Do you think your current business recording process is unsystematic? Can't handle the endless paperwork, procedures and regulations?
Our team is ready to meet the challenges of the new millennium. Our accounting is in the cloud. Using the latest computer solutions and digitization is our choice.

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

SUITE UP - Virtual Office & Coworking


If You need a place to start Your business we offer a coworking space, with all infrastructure needed for a fresh start. Conference room, utilities, kitchen and working space will boost Your start-up to prosper in no time. 

Good Luck!

BIZ UP - Technical support

Let it GO

Our team of experts offer a services of human resources management, with salary calculations, tax&contributions applications, support with financial opportunities and bank loan applications, payment management and internal management reporting.


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